Quality Control and Hygiene

Catercraft complex houses a laboratory which enables us to conduct the required quality control tests and food samples, coordinated by qualified quality controllers and a Microbiologist. The tests are Total Viable Counts, detection of Coliforms, Ecoli,Staphaureas, Camylobacter, Salmonella and Clostridium perfringes. Environmental swabs and hand swabs are also taken on regular basis to assess the hygiene standards of personnel and to ensure that cleaning and sanitization processes are always adhered to. Microbiological tests on water quality are conducted monthly and efficacy tests on cleaning chemicals are also done.

Pedal operated hand launders are in all production areas and corridors. These provide a hands free hygienic wash station fitted with a liquid soap dispenser and disposable paper towel dispenser. The water is regulated at 40 degrees.


To maintain international hygiene standards, we have quality hygiene auditors who review our systems on a quarterly basis. We follow the (HACCP) Hazard Analysis Critical Control point, ISO 9000, (AEA) Association of European Airlines and (ICQA) International Catering Quality Assurance.

Our Health and Safety team is always in touch with our suppliers for a risk assessment inspection. This is done quarterly. Each employee who is a food handler undergoes medical examination once every year. We also have a trained First Aid Committee which includes at least one person from every department.