The latest high technology equipment which is in place facilitates the smooth running of our daily operations. Of importance is the Building Monitoring System which monitors all refrigeration temperatures, LPG gas faults, dispatch doors, Central Sug-refuse collect machine and air conditioning temperatures. Our cold room capacity exceeds 400 square meters while volume is more than 1000 cubic meters. Our wash up area consists of three separate MEIKO washing machines i.e. for glasses, cutlery and crockery, linked by a conveyor stripes lime. By making use of Central Sug waste disposal system, the need for dustbins has been minimized, and in some areas eliminated.
In the event of an unscheduled arrival, there is an overnight refrigerated hold, where all dirty equipment is stored. This reduces multiplication of bacteria on leftover meals.
We also have two large Perkins generators each with capacity of 800 KVA. These ensure that none of our operations are affected should there be any faults on the national grid.