About Us

Established in 1980, Catercraft (Pvt) Ltd is the sole airline catering company in Zimbabwe, which is situated at Harare International Airport with branches in Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. Due to the increase in uplift demand in the late nineties, the need for a more storage space, matching hygiene and world quality management system standard, it became imperative to construct a new Uplift catering facility complex. The move to the existing new two storey catering complex was commissioned in 1996.

The catering facility complex covers about 16 000 square meter of build up area, with the capacity to produce over 15 000 meals per day. At one time this facility was rated the best in the world with features of high level automation machinery process of the wash up process and production areas.

A dedicated product development team ensure that we provide innovative recipes, meeting the needs of every taste, dietary and religious requirements to all airlines. The company have catered for various Airlines which includes the following:

  • British Airways

   11.   Cameroon

  • Lufthansa

   12.   Air Mauritius

  • KLM

   13.   LAM (Mozambique Airlines)

  • Air France

   14.   Air Botswana

  • Quantas

   15.   Lesotho Airlines

  • Swiss Air

   16.   Zambian Airlines

  • Egypt Air

   17.   Air Malawi

  • Uganda Airlines

   18.   Air Namibia

Our current clients are Ethiopian Airlines, South Africa Airways, Commair and Air Zimbabwe.

Other division of our services includes:

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